the elephant

So my family and I wanted to go to Bali for a holiday we booked it. The day we hopped on the plane I have never been on a plane so I was so excited . I  had a sleep on the plane for 5 hours and the flight goes for that long so the time went by fast. So when we got off the plane we got a taxi and went  to are hotel. the next morning we went to the zoo we were at the elephant station then the elephant delivered his speech splash as we get spared with water

2 thoughts on “the elephant

  1. Hi H bomb
    Your story is very good.
    i like how u based it on what u were going to do. until (corona)
    just saying maybe add a little more fulls stops in places
    good job

  2. I wonder if the elephant spoke through those spouts of water Henry or delivered his speech, then spouted water over you?
    Do you think you need the word ‘So’ to begin your sentences? I think they work just as well without it. Read it aloud with and without and see what you think.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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