the camping racoon

The day we go camping i was sitting in the car ready to go  my parents .were grabbing some food for the camping trip it was in a big box and i was looking out the sun roof and a relay  pretty leaf fell on the roof  and the sky was pretty to .so mum starts the car up and of we go so we arrived at the camping site it is cold   sand cabin we were number 12 rite next to the grabbed  bin it was a little bit stinky but it was not to bad it was late wen we arrived there so i went to bed and i could here the raccoon slowly creeping on the roof

One thought on “the camping racoon

  1. Hi Henry,

    You made me wish the story was 200-word long as I felt like it was getting so interesting at the end! I am left imagining all the mischief this raccoon could create for you in the middle of the night!

    It’s lovely to see you use your imagination. You did a great job of integrating the prompt words. I am looking forward to your next piece.

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