the woods

In the dark woods their was a  big tree the biggest in the woods . my mate jack and i wanted to go see it so we ask for permission and after begging my    parents they seed yes .so we packed aw survival back packs in case something goes wrong . so this is the day me and my mate go to the woods to discover the big tree so we made shore that aw lights are charge in case we end up in the dark and of we go into the woods so we arrived. to be continued in the woods

2 thoughts on “the woods

  1. I enjoyed how detailed the story was, because it made it feel “real” and believable. It reminded me of the adventures my brother and I used to have together when we were children, going exploring and packing our backpacks. So well done on creating a really relatable setting.

    My wish here is that there had been a little less detail about the preparation, and a bit more action linked to the biggest tree in the woods, as the story started to be a little too repetitive around the halfway mark.

    Keep up the great work!

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